Year 2 Students’ Day at the Museum


Spanning the last 2 weeks, all year 2 students have had the opportunity to visit the Melbourne museum as part of an Inquiry excursion to learn about Victorian culture and history. While at the museum the year 2s were provided an opportunity to learn about the daily life of a person who lived in Victoria during the late 1900s and early 20th century. This was to support their inquiry learning.

While on this excursion the students were able to view artefacts such as a cinema recreation, where they watched the news being read to them. They explored a Victorian house, to see how they used to look and imagined what it would be like to live in one with their family. While at the Melbourne museum the year 2 students also visited the Bunjilaka exhibition, the students learnt about the different languages spoken by the First Nation People as well as about their lives, how they thrived in a variety of different environments and about their connection to the land and all things that comes from it. Here is what a couple of the students thought of their wonderful museum experience.

“I thought it was amazing, I had a really good time. We saw lots of great things like the dinosaur fossils and the mini models of the town” Hamdaan 2C

“I thought it was fun because we saw bugs in the gallery and the mini town. There was an aeroplane model too. In the Banjilaka exhibition I was surprised that there were so many different Aboriginal languages in Victoria.” Lukas 2D