National Water Week


The theme this year is Caring for Water and Country. This celebrates the vital and cultural role that water plays in our lives.

Recognising the importance water plays in our lives, Caring for Water and Country aims to deepen our understanding of Australian First Nations people’s knowledge in protecting and sustaining our water and lands for over 65,000 years.

So, how will you care for water and Country this National Water Week?

Here are some water saving tips:

- Always turn off taps tightly so they do not drip

- When brushing your teeth, turn the water off while you are brushing

- Promptly repair any leaks in and around your taps

- Replace non-indigenous plants with Australian varieties that are built to withstand dry conditions.

- Use grey-water or rainwater to water your garden.

Take part in the Featherbrook 4 minute shower challenge:

Every day from the beginning of National Water Week limit your showers to 4 minutes. Play songs under 4 minutes in the bathroom to help encourage and motivate your family to keep their showers as short as possible.