Year 7's Build Toys


Our Year 7 students have been their best creative selves over this last term. Inspired by the opportunity to design and then make their design, the products represent the effort and processes along with appreciation for the materials worked with. Their teacher Ms Tavares – Green gave the students a brief to create a slot together toy of an animal that needed to be anatomically correct, safe for children to play with and use a variety of skills in the workshop. The students decided on what animals they would create, researched into their characteristics and followed this by making card and foam prototypes. When they were satisfied with their many prototypes and felt they had captured the features of the animal, they progressed manufacturing their designs from wood. With many of the students using machinery for the very first time, demonstrating their knowledge on health and safety.

The final step was to bring their toys to life by adding some colour and making them stand out. Congratulations Year 7 students!!