My Walk around the college


I took some time out from being at my desk today to simply enjoy the many and varied learning experiences going on around the college. Firstly, the aroma of the gingerbread house being baked lured me to the Food Technology Kitchen. I found the year 8 students in there baking their ginger bread expertly supported by teacher Ms Oliver. I returned later to find that Mr Bombaci had also been lured and was ‘hands-on’ helping hold up gingerbread walls as student Nathan, used icing to hold the pieces together. I returned later to see that the decorations (sweets) were being placed on to the finished houses. The students are to be commended as it is quite painstaking to make a gingerbread house from ‘scratch’, requiring a delicate touch and lots of persistence.

I then wandered over to the year 3 learning spaces where reading and some written pieces were under way. It is great to see that our students are continuing to learn and work towards their literacy and numeracy goals with only a week of school to go.

Into the art room I then ventured to find students enjoying making some collage work inspired by artist Ken Done. The range of images being created was outstanding and students had certainly drawn from the way the artist uses colour and bold shapes. Art portfolios were also being filled with completed artworks ready to take home and to adorn their bedroom wall or the door of the fridge. Families will enjoy the masterpieces the children have created. After the visual creations of the art room I then found myself in the creative space of the other year 3 building where students were creating descriptive and sensory written works of art. ‘If Happy were…..’ created by Jamie, is a sample of the quality of creative writing that I enjoyed. I invite you to read it. It will put a smile on your face.

I thoroughly enjoyed the brilliance of our students, the dedication of our teachers and the variety of education that this snapshot of just one day had to offer. Featherbrook College really is a vibrant place to learn in.