Mt Morton Welcomes Year 5 / 6 Featherbrook Students


Boarding the bus yesterday, our senior primary students were comfortably seated for a 75km ride to Mt Morton in the leafy green Dandenong Ranges town of Belgrave South. Once there, the on and off misty rain didn't dampen their spirits. The students quickly settled into their bunk rooms and learned of their activity groups and duty groups. They enjoyed one round of activities before dinner.

I arrived at camp today just as breakfast had finished. Students were making their way back to bunkrooms ready for inspection. The students had been set a challenge to earn as many points as possible by working together to make their bunk rooms clean and tidy....collaboration was evident.

Rewarded with sunshine today, the students had a full day of activities rotations: giant swing, flying fox, bush cooking, archery, bouldering, orienteering, initiatives, low ropes course and trampolining. It was so heartening to see the way our Featherbrook students encouraged each other to try the different activities particularly those which may need a little more courage to try, such as the giant swing and flying fox.

The students also saw one of Australia's most known native birds today- the kookaburra! Very inquisitive and happy to perch close by on low hanging branches, the kookaburras were a reminder of the beauty of our natural environment. The students will continue to enjoy their camp experience at Mt Morton for another 2 days returning on Thursday afternoon.