Library Time Begins This Week!


It has been so wonderful to see our college library come alive this week with home groups of students scheduled in, to enjoy the huge range of books available to borrow and to enjoy at home. I have watched the empty library bags being brought to school through the gates each morning on arrival and have seen them filled with borrowed books as students have left school in the afternoon.

Reading and the love of literature and books in general underpins our learning programs at Featherbrook College and it has been heartening to see our students so immersed in books and reading as we have returned to on site learning. Book Week is of course being celebrated this week and so families are encouraged to enjoy reading together and to perhaps purchase a book or 2 through our Virtual Book Fair.

Our library space is inviting and is designed to encourage exploration as well as sharing books with peers. The photos above reflect how our Featherbrook College students experience and enjoy the opportunity to come into the library to browse and read together.