Lady Northcote Day 2


Another glorious day was enjoyed by the 3/4 students at Lady Northcote YMCA Camp. Planned activities continued, with groups showing their creativity, collaboration and developing STEM knowledge and skills through group hut building and orienteering. The Gaga pit was a popular pass- time, with teachers facing off in a Gaga challenge! You can see the students watching with great amusement. Gaga is a fast paced game which allows students to practice their gross motor, locomotion patterns and ball skills, whilst practicing good sportsmanship.

“You get people out with the ball and defend yourself. I learnt how to move away quickly and use the ball and the walls to get people out” Amos

“It’s a good game because I got to practice skills. I was really good at it” Jarmayne

“I really liked it because it was fun and I got to try something new” Tamalia

“People were really trying their best and everyone was telling the truth” Nevaeh

The weather forecast today is looking promising and teachers and students alike are looking forward to getting into the last challenge of the camp. before heading home.