Ink Painting and Pastel


Learning continues at Featherbrook College across all areas of the curriculum - literacy, mathematics and of course our specialist classes. Of note are the beautiful creations of our Year 7 students. These stunning ink and pastel art works are a sight to behold.

The students have been exploring the school's natural environment, collecting items that they could use to make their own brushes or mark-making tools. The students discussed the validity of certain leaves and objects and what marks they thought each would make. The students made their own brush out of twigs, leaves and other found objects. The background was painted with ink using their made brushes and tools.

Through collaboration, the various made tools were shared to produce a series of ink washes. Once dried, the students selected one they liked on which to complete an oil pastel drawing. Magpie images were selected as ideal to suit the ink washes. The students considered the composition and placement of the birds on their page. A limited palette of black, white, olive, grey and orange was provided. Students concentrated on drawing the shapes they could see rather than the whole bird. Once the shapes were drawn, the shading and feathers were filled in.

Students in Year 3 were undertaking a 'whole of body' maths task this morning when I stepped in to say good morning. Using the space available to them and their distance approximation skills, they predicted what 1.5 metres might be. They were very accurate.