I have been most fortunate this week to have joined many of the webex meetings from Prep through to the upper primary end of our school. What has been most noticeable is the way our college values of respect, collaboration and high expectations have been evident as students have engaged in the online space with their peers and teachers. Further, I have been privileged to see the broad range of interests our students have and their willingness to share these in the webex sessions.

The scope of learning tasks and activities provided for our students by their teachers has enabled the progression of the core areas of literacy and numeracy and physical activity whilst the remote and flexible learning requirements have been in place. Furthermore, the opportunity for enrichment activities through other curriculum areas plus the flexibility of time has enabled students to progress their own individual pursuits. This has resulted in the creation of some truly remarkable products. The webex meetings have provided a platform to share some of these creations and family pursuits.

A few that I have seen over the course of this week include: paper folding; paper flower bouquets; lego creations; gardening (did you know that sunflowers always face the sun? - this was shared in a Prep webex today); baking; and drawing. The latter has been a favourite pursuit by the youngest of students through to older students, one of whom has taken on the more technically demanding challenge of illusionary drawing. Rhea from Year 5/6 shared with her peers and teacher in a webex meeting this week, her interest in this type of drawing, demonstrating fcous and tenacity in creating these optical illusion shapes. Congratulations Rhea!