Welcome Back to Webex


Starting with some very funny piggy faces as a positive primer, students were asked which of the pig characters represents how they were feeling. This is a great way to start a virtual ‘get together’ as the funny images inevitably put smiles on the faces of the children.

The students also discussed the Lunar New Year and how they may have celebrated it. Being the Year of the Ox, the students enjoyed following a demonstration on a u-Tube clip to draw their very own Ox. Mason from year 2 drew a strong black Ox. I had a go too…’practise’ was the operative word promoted! I’m sure a bit of colour might help mine look a little more “Ox-like”.

To finalise the Webex session, Ms Baquero reminded students of the learning they can do at home….reading on Wushka, Maths through IXL and Soundwaves. She also surprised the students with the fun they can expect to have tomorrow, being ‘Wacky Wednesday’ and to come prepared and expecting to have lots of fun!