Fun Friday


I began the day in a dance expo/statues activities (high energy!) in the Year 1 webex space with Mr Turner, Ms Fisher and Ms McGregor and I finished Fun Friday enjoying the Kahootz challenge with over 80, Year 5 / 6 students and their teachers Ms Lynch, Mr Ellis, Ms O’Connor, Ms Cavanagh and Mr Anstey.

I also joined Ms Mala and her students who were cooking up a storm in their Featherbrook kitchens…pizzas were the order of the day and these included ham and pineapple, Nutella (yes, sweet pizzas too), peperoni and all manner of variations. I suspect more creative pizzas will be made over the coming school holidays! Ms Buissink clearly has rhythm as does her students, tripping the light fantastic, dancing to ‘What Does The Fox Say?

I travelled with Ms Rogulskyj to Egypt, to New Zealand with Ms Khatri and Ms Sirodairya, and to warm and balmy Hawaii with Ms Kerwell. Ms Kelly of course shared her trip to India highlighting the Taj Mahal, the Festival of Colour and the beautiful aromtic and delicious gourmet delights of India….the food!!

Mr Symes shared a beautiful book with the Year 1 students, ‘How the Birds Got Their Colour,’ using the illustrations, colours and shapes as a model to support a directed drawing activity. Along with the students, Mr Symes created his master piece!

Thank you to the many parents who supported their children to enjoy Fun Friday today, enabling activities to be experienced and enjoyed by all and providing a reprieve from the challenges of managing COVID restrictions. The teachers put in a lot of thought and consideration of the activities so that they may then be enjoyed not just today as a celebration of the term, but throughout the holiday break too. Thank you teachers. Happy holidays. Stay safe.