Featherbrook College Students and Staff contribute to Clean Up Australia Day


Our families may know that last Sunday was Clean Up Australia day. Our college has been involved in this important day on the calendar since we opened the school in 2017. Our college has been working towards being a resource smart school which means we have a heightened focus on observing and promoting sustainable living, supporting our natural environment to thrive, and to play our part in the local community towards this cause.

Featherbrook College students enthusiastically and gladly gave of their time and energy to clean up around our college and the neighbouring area. It was astounding to see how much litter was collected and the types of rubbish collected, thereby saving our waterways from pollution and supporting our wildlife and birdlife to enjoy a pollution-free environment.

The students were able to appreciate the types of rubbish collected through a sorting exercise, enabling teachers to use this experience with the students to gain a greater understanding as to how they can play their part in being more sustainable such as reducing plastic use and bringing nude food for snack and lunch. Thank you to our wonderful students and teachers including Sustainability Coordinator Nick McKinnis, who took the time to contribute to the local efforts of Clean Up Australia day this year.