Father's Day


Whilst uncertainty has been the essence of 2020, there are still occasions that remain a certainty regardless. The tradition of acknowledging and celebrating Father's Day to recognise those in our lives who are fathers and father figures and who have shaped who we are, remains firmly in place.

I'd like to share an excerpt from a reflective piece that one of our senior primary students penned to share about, and with his dad today to let him know how much he is loved and respected. I am sure this student's words will resonate with all who have a special father figure in their lives. He shared this with his class and so has provided by way of introduction, the history of Father's Day and concludes with ideas on how we can show our appreciation for dad.

To understand the importance of Father’s day, it helps to know who and how father’s day was brought to life. Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd in America. Sonora first promoted her idea at her local church. Sonora’s father’s name was William Jackson Smart and she was denoted to him as her mother had died when Sonora was at an early age. After Sonora started this celebration in 1910, it slowly became popular and finally, in 1972, President Richard Nixon had turned Father’s Day into a memorable holiday!

Remember a father always knows what is best for his child. You may remember the first time when you tried to ride a bike and your dad helped you. You probably frequently stopped to check that your dad was holding the bike. Gradually, you go faster and faster and then you realise that you’re going really fast. You look back to see that you’re dad is a lot far behind you and you realise that your dad is actually helping you by not holding the bike because now, you’ve learnt how to ride a bike because of that (Congratulations!).

Lastly, your father will always help you in hard times. He will stand at your side and encourage you to work harder and also work hard himself to support you in any way. So what can you do for Father’s Day this year to such a loveable father? Well, you could write a poem all about your dad and his strengths and how much you think he loves you. You could make a nice card and show your love in that way. Or, you can buy your dad a father’s day present. Just make sure that you spend time with your father and make him happy this father’s day.

Surely Father's Day is incomplete if those bad dad jokes aren't mentioned and some shared....enjoy! Happy Father's Day to all of our Featherbrook College dads and special father figures!