Establishing Routines and Expectations


Today, I further share remote learning suggestions and good practices from The Department in my blog. These suggestions may be considered good practices more generally, when creating an effective homework space and environment. The following suggestions are designed to help parents to establish expectations and routines.

Establishing routines and expectations

  • Start and end each day with a check-in with your child.

  • Encourage healthy eating habits and drinking enough water.

  • Encourage regular exercise breaks. Options could include exercise DVDs, apps, dancing, floor exercises, yoga, walking around the garden or using home exercise equipment. For example, a stationary bicycle, basketball hoop, or other sporting equipment.

Keep normal bedtime routines for younger children. Expect the same from your older primary and high school aged children too.

It is important that you set these kinds of expectations as soon as learning from home begins, rather than several days later if you notice a child is struggling without a routine.