Year 7/8 VolleyBall


Congratulations to our 2 volley ball teams who represented our college so well on Friday.

PE Teacher Nicole Hamilton-Scott was very proud of the way the students put into practice, all of the considerable training they had been doing.

All games unfolded with strategy and energy, winning the first set. The second and third sets were more challenging but accordingly to Ms Hamilton-Scott, the students continued to put their best foot forward at all times.

The college is very proud of each of you and for demonstrating our college values on the inter-school volleyball court!

Left to right standing: Katrina, Yasmin, Cynthia, Amia

Sitting left to right: Asha, Alita, Shaherbano, Rachel

Standing left to right: Karanraj, Arthur, Benjamin, Ansh

Sitting left to right: Wael, Jeshua