Davina Bell Book Week Author


To round out the 2019 Book Week celebrations at Featherbrook, published author Davina Bell worked with groups of students today to share her journey as a writer including sharing her very first book which she wrote when she was only in Grade 3. This was very inspiring for our Featherbrook Year 3 and 4 students; many who are prolific writers too.

Davina has published 14 titles and draws her inspiration from 'real life and imagination, then smashes them (her ideas) together.' Davina shared with the students why she became a writer which includes being the youngest library member at her local library and of course a love of reading and books. Some of Davina's published books include: All the Ways to be Smart; Love Under the Umbrella; Hattie Helps Out; Oh Albert!; Sophia and the Corner Park Clubhouse.

Students reflected on their writing workshop with Davina and no doubt left with further motivation and enthusiasm to write more and to read through the lens of a writer.

“It was a good event to find out an author and meet one. Finding out some of the books I did not know, it was good.”

“I learnt about how an author becomes an author. I also learnt about how an author makes a book. The main thing I learnt was how to write a fiction book, the process is different because the process keeps going, unlike a non-fiction which doesn’t take as long to write.”

“Going to the author workshop, and that it is a big process writing a story. Davina has published 14 books and it was interesting because authors don’t write that many books.”