Congratulations to our Talented Students!


Tonight at the Wyndham Cultural Centre in Werribee, history was made.....Featherbrook College's history. As a new school with an intention to provide rich and varied experiences for our students, the school production 'Featherbrook's Got Talent' was evidential of this intent. The production was based on our school values of High Expectations, Respect, Collaboration and being Safe.

The singing, dancing, comedy and witty exchanges really did reflect the talents and dedicated commitment of our Featherbrook students. The script was written by Performing Arts teacher Rebecca Clark and was further augmented by the skills and expertise by colleagues Tegan Dimble and Ruth Blair. Many other staff contributed to the journey culminating in tonight's brilliant performance by the students and so further reflects our value of collaboration and the broader team around our learners.

Parents, extended family members and siblings shared in the excitement of the production tonight. It is important to mention the support of our student's parents who supported the many after school rehearsals ensuring the show was polished and the students were ready to entertain with confidence. Photos from the evening will soon be posted.