Colour!!.......brought to you by Featherbrook College students!


Enriching our remote and flexible learning programs through The Arts has been a key feature of term 2 learning. As our teachers work so closely in teams ordinarily, they have been well positioned to work together to build a vibrant and varied remote learning experience for our students. Clearly the students have been enjoying the challenges provided beyond the important literacy and numeracy learning tasks.

Visual Arts teacher Nick McKinnis has become somewhat of a notable tutor through the videos he has created and posted in weekly learning plans for Prep and Year 1 students. The artworks featured below are evident of the impact his videos have had inspiring our young artists. I invite our readers to click on, or copy and paste into a browser, the vimeo links below to enjoy some of Mr McKinnis' videos....creations in and of themselves.

Congratulations to each of the artists featured above. Your creations are inspiring, delightful and show how much you have learned about colour and how found objects can be the inspiration for truly amazing works of art.