Collaboration' brought to you by Featherbrook students.


As I made my way around the learning spaces today, I was greeted by a hub bub of sound spilling from one classroom door....I wondered why the learning sounded so animated. To my surprise year 4 students from Ms Dutta, Ms Cavanagh and Ms Camilleri' s classes were all thoroughly engaged in collaborative activities, trying out the range of new board and fun games. The new games had been purchased in readiness for our next day of rain where recess or lunchtime are to be spent inside.

The students were very excited to be able to enjoy the games and their teachers equally so. The games promoted lots of collaboration, strategic game skills and simply fun. Monopoly, chess, hungry hippos, trick stix, Jenga and many more games were being played. I'm sure that our year 4 students would be saying 'bring on rainy days!!'