Year 9 STEM


The following is a description of one area of the curriculum that could may well lead to the preferred career pathway for some of our students. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our students certainly used the skills of an engineer, a scientist and mathematician today and the technology component is obvious when they undertook the final part of their challenge. Science and Maths teacher Declan Sega provided the following commentary.

This week the year 9 students undertook a STEM activity which was designed to be a (friendly) competition between 9A and 9B. The intention of the task was to develop an obstacle course which would challenge members of the opposing homegroup to code Spheros in order to complete the course. Students spent the first part of the week planning and designing their courses in groups of 4. The students then came together as a homegroup and combined their obstacles into one grand course. During the week students developed their skills in block and JAVA coding, in preparation for the challenges ahead. During the competition, students separated and either competed, instructed or cheered on their peers as the coders were determined to complete the course. It was wonderful watching so many students involved, respectfully competitive and proud of their work. It was an enjoyable way to end the term on a high note with collaboration and healthy competition amongst peers. Congratulations to 9B for winning in terms of not only coding, but course design!”

Yes, congratulations to all students for their fine effort and for their fair and encouraging competitiveness!!