Featherbrook Students' Serendipitous Experience


On Friday 1st November, the Year 8 students set off for Serendip Sanctuary. This Parks Victoria property, situated at the foot of the You Yangs, typifies the flora and fauna of the Western Volcanic Plains, and is the endemic landscape of the region and of Featherbrook College. Having had their first attempt last Friday postponed due to wind warnings, the students and their teachers boldly set off, determined to collect the information needed for their geographic enquiry studies. The students had a tight schedule to collect all the data required. Being “in the field” meant working with heat, sun glare, wind, flies and even the stench of dead possums!!! Birds were counted, landscapes sketched, observations and data noted. Students will use the collected primary data with secondary sources such as maps, weather data, history documents, to complete an Annotated Visual Display about the landscape. There are many benefits of venturing out into the broader community for activities such as these. Students are able to practice ‘real world’ skills and be challenged to validate their learning with what they see and experience. Such activities also build connections to the community. Environmental challenges are all around us and when students connect with places such as Serendip Sanctuary, their learning comes to life. The excursion was certainly one that will be etched in our students' memories for some time to come. Thank you to Ms Millard for her tenacity in ensuring the students were provided this opportunity as it was not without a few logistical hurdles to organise.