Breakfast Club


Today we began the trial of the School Breakfast Club Program. This is a Department of Education Initiative and is sponsored by Food Bank Victoria. This program is free of charge and open to all students Prep to Year 9.

The program will operate 8:20 to 8:35am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. To take part students need to come to the school's front gate, there is no requirement to pre-register.

Food available is:

• Wheat Biscuits

• Muesli

• Cheerios

• Tinned fruit

• Honey to spread on wheat biscuits

• Apples and oranges

• Milk

In addition to this – tuna and lentil salads are available for students to take should they need food for lunch.

Thirty five students came along for breakfast today. We look forward to sharing breakfast again on Friday morning.