Featherbrook College Science Competition Champions!


Education virtual platform ‘Education Perfect’ was running a week long ANZ 2021 Science Championship and our secondary students participated in the competition. This blog is based on information that was in place at the end of last week and students may have furthered their success in the meantime. At that point, students had spent 84 hours and answered 27,922 questions! Featherbrook College was tracking as 3rd in Victoria in the 101-250 student category out of 49 schools and were ranked as 130th overall globally out of 1897 schools. These are phenomenal results and our students and their teachers are to be congratulated.

Some of the questions students have responded to, grappled with and been challenged by include :

• Name the organ that pumps blood around the body. Selected from liver, stomach, blood, heart

• Discuss the similarities and differences between the xylem and phloem in plants, with the circulatory system in humans with its arteries and veins. Write 2 – 5 paragraphs.

• Diffusion controls the flow of gases in and out of a leaf. Propose what you think would happen if all of the carbon dioxide in the air outside of a leaf was removed. Write at least 1 paragraph in your response.