ANZAC Day poetry


While watching the animations, they were asked to write down words/phrases that came to mind for each of the 5 senses. They then used these words as inspiration to write their own poem from one of the poetry forms of their choice. They were required to choose a poetry form and demonstrate that they can follow the structure and rules for that form.

Some beautiful poems were written by the students and I would like to share 2 of them. Their poem structure and demonstrated understanding of how the soldiers may have felt in the moment, will no doubt evoke strong emotions in the reader

Vania's poem is written as an Elegy Poem and Jeshua's poem is a sequence of Haiku's


Distant cries of men disturbed the still dark

Moon lighting up the empty sea

Masses approaching the pristine shoreline

All was silent but the sounds of waves, static, and boots on gravel

Alert and cautious, commanders spoke

“Focus, for the enemy troops were to arrive along the bay”

Moment's pass

The battlefield came alive

The aroma of charcoal, ash, and gunpowder, never to be forgotten

Men shot, yelled, and cried all while bullets pierced lives

The weight was unbearable

Blood rotted and stained the once undisturbed beach, transforming it into a battlefield

Heroes were lost that day, families burdened, soldiers scarred for death and life

To this we apologize

The heroes who lost their lives shan’t be forgotten for now they lay in the soil of comrades

We are not enemies any longer for the fighting has grown old and peace has been found.

~ Vania

Dead soldiers in rain

Wounded ones standing in pain,

Not dying in vain

They went to fight war

In that wretched battlefield

Knowing it’s over

They did it for peace

They did it for our freedom

Now, lest we forget