Anyone for Cricket?


Congratulations to all of our young Featherbrook cricketers who put their best batting, bowling and fielding foot forward and represented our college with aplomb and skill. In the first over of the game there was a downpour of rain, resulting in a quick dash undercover for 15 minutes before returning to the pitch. By the time lunchtime arrived, the sun was shining.

Our students were very adaptable, being able to play in varying conditions.

Our Featherbrook Purple team was particularly successful and whilst it was believed an outright win had occurred, a scoring error has resulted in the need to reconvene for a round robin with Alamanda and Lumin Christi to determine which team goes onto the finals. We wish them all well for this next opportunity to represent our fabulous college.

Team Purple:

Coach: Nicole Hamilton-Scott

Left to right back row: Aarav, Bakht, Param, Harendra, Sidharth, Jasnoor

Left to right front row: Avni, Nihal, Viraj, Atul

Team black:

Coach: Andrew Ellis

Left to right back row: Puneeth, Vikesh, Aradhya, Ishaan, Zena, Prabhnoor, Arya

Left to right front row: Seth, Tejal, Vikesh, Daras

Team white:

Coach: Chris Cook

Left to right back row: Hamza, Anish, Maanush, Ikwaak, Vansh

Left to right front row: Zoya, Advay, Charles, Ethan