Anyone for Cricket?


In conversation last week with Physical Education teacher Ms Hamilton-Scott, I was intrigued to find out that not only do we have a very strong cricket following by Featherbrook College boys, but that there is a strong following of the game, by many of our girl students. Ms Hamilton-Scott shard with me that she knows that one of our girl students enjoys a game of backyard cricket every evening with her family! It's routine for her family, such is the love for the game. In fact, the game of cricket seems to have a strong connection with many of our students, across the age ranges as well.

On Friday, Year 3 students enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Year 8 students about the skills needed to play cricket. It was very exciting for the younger students who were able to further refine their two-handed strike with advice and demonstrations from the senior students. The students' words are illustrative of the success of the cross-age opportunity:

Arjun from Year 3 stated: 'today was really exciting and fun' while Year 8 student Malachi shared that he 'enjoyed working with his partner. He told me I was doing a good job at helping him with his cricket skills.' Well done Arjun and Malachi!

Who knows, perhaps we are growing the next Virat Kolhi or Meg Lanning at Featherbrook College.